Wedding Ideas: Unique Desserts for your Special Day

July 12, 2013

great room


The Bluestone loves honoring your creativity.

Your wedding should be as unique as you are. Gone are the days of the strict traditional wedding cake. (However, traditions like cake will and deserve to stand the test of time). Nowadays, couples are coming up with new traditions to share with their guests. Personalized wedding desserts are pleasant surprises for every wedding attendee. Make your Columbus wedding sweeter here at The Bluestone!

Here are some recent trends to inspire your sweet side and spark ideas for your reception

Featured Trend: S’Mores Bar

The Bluestone offers the option of a S’Mores bar for special events and weddings. This unique idea gives wedding attendees a fun, participatory experience that triggers nostalgia, while still providing an elegant atmosphere.

*Tip: Add Reeses Cups as an option in addition to the milk chocolate…your guests will thank you!

Smores Bar



Perfect for guests who want smaller servings of dessert, or for those who want to try multiple cake flavors, mini-cupcakes are little bits of wedding perfection!


Candy Buffet

 Celebrate the wonders of childhood while looking forward to your future together. Nothing says “fun-loving” like a colorful candy buffet!

Candy Buffett


Chocolate Buffet

This doesn’t have to be your run-of-the-mill chocolate fountain. For Choc-o-Holics, this idea is simply decadent. Dipping stations can feature a variety of melted chocolate, ranging from white, milk, to exotic dark.


Buckeye Station

What better way to celebrate your love for each other and love for the Buckeye State than with a Buckeye Station?



Doughnut Tower

Glazed, Sprinkled, or cream-filled? Let The Bluestone prepare a doughnut cake for you!


Creative Cake-Pops

Personalized cake portions on a stick! These dress-and-tuxedo pops are sure to please.Get creative with your flavors–we have seen everything from bourbon pecan pie to chocolate bacon!

Wedding Cakepops

Photo credit: Cupcake, Charleston SC


 *Other ideas: Cookies and milk station, Churro bar, pancake buffet…your only limit is your sweet imagination!

-The Bluestone Staff