Fright Night : Svdden Death Saturday 10/30

October 13, 2021
October 30, 2021 @ 9:00 pm – 11:45 pm
The Bluestone
583 East Broad Street Columbus
Nick Reed

Disco Donnie Presents and My Best Friends Party

Fright Night : Svdden Death . Must Die . Eazybaked – Saturday 10/30

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Perhaps you may recall MBFP’s first BIG event, an infamous party we threw at a waterpark / hotel known as “Headless Horseman’s (G)rave”. We expected maybe 500 people to show up. Turned out about 3,000 people thought the idea of partying in a waterpark was pretty sweet. That night ended up being legendary and pretty much put us on the map. We’ve come a long ways since then and it’s been a few years since we threw our own Halloween Massive.This year we decided to GO BIG. Introducing an all new Halloween Soire in the same Hallowed spirit. Epic production including festival like Lighting, Led Screens and Haze.
Featuring headliners :
Also known as The Prince of Evil, SVDDEN DEATH has been honing his dubstep-centric voice for years now. Few have risen through the trenches and have stirred the bass community as much as Bay Area native Danny Howland, better known as SVDDEN DEATH.
Taking inspirations from Noisia, 16BIT, Skrillex, and other legends in the dubstep community – SVDDEN DEATH has formulated a hybrid of textured rhythms and sub-wrecking basslines to create his own maniacal sound.
Since release of his first EP through the well-known Never Say Die: Black Label SVDDEN DEATH has made his mark in the bass scene. He has patiently polished his presentation and sound, and created a persona that perfectly captures a dark, yet captivating aura. SVDDEN DEATH goes a step above the rest with his aesthetic choices and incredible theatrics.
Lee Austin Bates, also known as MUST DIE!, is a Houston-born and Dallas-based dubstep, electronica and drum & bass producer. Bates’ pseudonym is inspired by the 2006 film John Tucker Must Die.
Since he began to gather attention across the bass scene in 2011, he has produced a wealth of original material and remixes, releasing on labels such as Never Say Die, Ultra, Dim Mak, Play Me, Mad Decent, and Atlantic Records. Using his naturally artistic and innovative musical intuition MUST DIE! has quickly risen to recognition with his distinguished level of production. He tours extensively and has supported the likes of Datsik, Excision, and Zomboy to name a few. With a charismatic and outgoing personality alongside his technical proficiency MUST DIE! will continue to grab attention over the coming months.
Emerging from the hills of Clermont, Florida, EAZYBAKED is a dynamic, multi-talented duo of two old friends looking to bring the bass & 4th dimensional sounds to the streets and shows across the country. EAZYBAKED origninated from two teenagers, Eric Ray and Andrew Principe. Eric, who goes by Eazy, and Andrew, who goes by the alias of Mr.Baked. What they’re bringing to the scene is something that cannot be classified into simple genres. These underground producers are creating an entirely new sound – with support from Happy Colors, Sound Remedy, Hokes, Matayo, Urbindex, Just A Gent, $aturn – you can expect to see alot from these kids in the near future.
Costumes are of course encouraged as this is going to be a WICKED HALLOWEEN PARTY. Full of surprises and fun. Get your tickets now to save money and reserve your spot