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At a time when the prevalence of women in country is being highly criticized, it was reassuring to witness one woman prove that they aren’t going anywhere. Jana Kramer is at the top of her game and has been impacting radio waves with her new single “I Got the Boy.” I have always enjoyed seeing Kramer live ever since I saw her open for Blake Shelton on the Ten Times Crazier Tour. Her performance last night blew all the previous shows out of the water. The energy she brought to The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio was off the charts.

“I’d be lying if I said there was anywhere else I’d have rather spent my New Year’s Eve. It’s one thing to watch a show as a fan, but to be a friend & watch these fellas do what they love…it’s a feeling that can’t be put into words. I could’ve easily watched them sing their songs all night long and never have gotten bored. If this night was any indication of what 2016 is gonna be like, I’m pretty damn excited. These four dudes definitely lived up to the hype of making this show “A Night That You’ll Never Forget”.

SIRIUSXM Presents: Highway Finds Tour ft: HIGH VALLEY @ The Bluestone
Nov 2 all-day
High Valley at The Bluestone

SIRIUSXM Presents High Valley at The Bluestone

XM Highway Finds Tour ft: HIGH VALLEY

on Thursday, November 2nd

Doors for the show will open at 7pm

Opening Artist: Adam Doleac

Tickets $15

Tickets will go on-sale Friday, September 8th at 10am




Admission tickets must be purchased separately.

  • Loft Lower Tier: $250 (seats four people-no exceptions)
  • Prime view of stage!
  • Includes first bucket of Miller or Coors Light
  • Server
  • Exclusive Private Bar access
  • Loft Upper Tier: $200 (seats four people-no exceptions)
  • Includes first bucket of Miller or Coors Light
  •  Server
  • Private Bar Access
  • May be Obstruction in View

*All Reserved tables located in the loft area


High Valley keeps in line with traditional country sounds while they explore Americana, rock and pop influences in their major-label debut album, Dear Life. Tracks of inspiration, desires of the heart and their journey as musicians make up the record. The 11-track project experiments with a variety of beats and guitar picking that keep the music interesting while they share their pitch-perfect harmonies.

Production elements blend genres to create foot-tapping beats and melodies that replay through your head all day. High Valley make their own sound that will stand out on country radio while staying in touch with country roots that serve as each tune’s platform.

The Canadian country group’s lead single, “Make You Mine,” has the most interesting sound on the album. It sticks out among the rest and will draw intrigued listeners into explore what other stories the duo has to offer.

“Dear Life,” the title track, shares feelings about making choices while growing up. Its message will resonate with much of their audience and may be representative where they are in their own life. It follows similar patterns as surrounding tracks, including heavy drums that bring the song to life.

“The Only” and “She’s With Me” have comparable themes of adoration. Their obvious pop influences match the song’s tone with complimenting faster-tempo beats. The featured repetitive hooks just about guarantee them stuck in your head all day as you fight the urge to dance along.

Americana influence is heaviest in the No. 8 title, “I Be U Be.” The back-and forth nature of the song has hints of tribal elements as strong imagery describes an ideal love scenario. Just as many other included tracks, “I Be U Be” stays clear of electric guitar solos and focuses on percussion and diction, a factor that might become a signature in their career.

The closing track, “Young Forever” has a similar vibe that compares to Billy Currington’s “We Are Tonight.” The embrace-the-moment trend adds a brightness to the album that contributes to its already high-spirited qualities.

Emotional tracks intertwined with flirty fun songs lead to this diverse album. Dear Life is an exciting piece of art that serves as a solid platform for the bright career they have ahead of them.